Pirate Birthday Party Ideas | Party Pieces

Pirate Birthday Party Ideas | Party Pieces

Go over the edge with our thoughts for privateer games, enhancements and treats

A pPirate Birthday Party Ideas | Party Piecesrivateer party is quite possibly the most well known alternatives for a themed youngsters’ birthday slam, with an authentic money box of games, ensembles and food to pick from. Here’s our manual for cruising through your little privateer’s gathering…

Privateer party solicitations

At the point when you convey the solicitations, supply a guide with bearings to the gathering. Make them with the birthday kid or young lady for a great specialty action: plunge them in cool tea for that real blurred hint and add some piratical puzzles and drawings of skull and cross bones. Above all, ensure ‘X’ denotes the spot for the setting.

Privateer ensemble thoughts

The solicitations ought to likewise make the clothing regulation understood. Request that visitors dress in their best pirate attire, and have some extra privateer caps, eye fixes and paper blades close by for any sod huggers who need a little assistance getting into character on the day.

Games for little privateers

Shudder the lumbers of the privateers you have on board by setting up certain games for them to play. Adjust some customary gathering games to fit the subject. Nail the Tail to the Donkey can become Pin the Eye Patch on the Pirate. What’s the Time, Mr Wolf? can easily become What’s the Time, Mr Pirate?, and an expedition around the house, nursery or park consistently tightens up energy levels. For more fortune chasing, fill two chests or boxes with sand and cover a choice of wrapped desserts, toys and different knickknacks in them. Two groups at that point have a moment to uncover however much fortune as could be expected, with the triumphant group the one to have gathered the most things. A Party Pieces money box piñata will guarantee a crushing time is had by all, as well. It very well may be filled chocolate coins or some other privateer themed treats you can consider.

Improvements and silverware

There are such countless alternatives accessible for ensuring your privateer party looks like it. Our shop has a wide scope of flatware and designs, including skull and cross bones plates, cups and inflatables, treasure map table covers and spot tangles, and privateer hitting. We particularly like our privateer transport highlight and privateer candle set. Shop the whole privateer range here.

Food and drink

The birthday kid or young lady will totally adore a customized privateer cake  – simply pick your photograph and message, and whether you need chocolate or vanilla flavor. For the gathering food some inventive marking will get the job done. Breadsticks can be called ‘stake legs’ and bubbly fish desserts can be named ‘shark trap’. Push carrot sticks into circles of cucumber for ‘privateer blades’ and make a fruity privateer punch for the children to drink. Attempt this blended fruit juice or, for a tropical bend, these mango and banana smoothies.


Staying a film on towards the finish of a children’s gathering is an extraordinary method to adjust things – and carry a touch of quiet to procedures. There are a couple piratey choices to consider: Captain Hook’s star turn in Peter Pan settles on the Disney exemplary an undeniable decision, and Muppet Treasure Island is likewise extraordinary fun. For more established children, Hook, a true to life adaptation turn off of JM Barrie’s story, is an engaging watch, and there’s consistently the Pirates of the Caribbean arrangement to fall back on. Yarhar me party generous!

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