How to do classic afternoon tea at home


During the Covid pandemic, “cream tea” has been a shockingly famous web search term, as individuals hope to treat themselves in the midst of lockdown. We turned to Robin Read, leader head culinary specialist of the grant winning Firmdale Hotels gathering to help us set up some top tips for making a delectable and sharp evening tea at home…

Dress your table

“Evening tea is an event in itself, and a flawlessly dressed table is the most ideal approach to add to the environment,” says Robin, who suggests covering the table with your #1 cloth, including a decorative spread and napkins. “In the event that you have a most loved lunch service or an assortment of dazzling vintage tea cups, milk containers and sugar bowls, get them out to make your evening tea additional exceptional,” she adds. We’d likewise suggest a cake stand, for example, a Truly Alice Terrific Treat Stand or Floral Teapot Cake Stand, to add an eye-getting highlight that will carry a bit of satisfaction to the table, and this cup stand will help you flaunt your fine china in style. Themed bunting  and inflatables give a last thrive.

It doesn’t need to be champagne

Drinking champagne is regularly a feature of an exemplary evening tea, but Robin suggests attempting other shining wines that can be just as heavenly. “One of our top picks is our biodynamic and veggie lover Crémant de Loire. It is new and citrusy, with green apple notes and a smooth, velvety surface which makes it the ideal counterpart for both the appetizing and sweet components of the tea,” she says. On the off chance that you are anticipating having your cream tea outside in the daylight, at that point pack these gold champagne woodwinds for a keen, however reasonable approach to raise a glass or two.

Going the additional mile: Homemade scones formula

A cream tea essentially wouldn’t be a cream tea without scones. We won’t get into the discussions on the most proficient method to articulate it or whether you spread the jam or cream on first, yet we will joyfully share Firmdale’s formula for natively constructed scones for the individuals who truly need to take their evening tea up a couple of indents. “In our cafés we like to serve our scones with two sorts of jam yet natural product curds are additionally an intriguing other option. Thickened cream is consistently an absolute necessity!” says Robin.

Firmdale at Home Scones

Preheat your broiler to 170 degrees

500g flour

12g preparing powder

125g spread

125g icing sugar

Squeeze salt

280g buttermilk

Add the flour, spread, sugar, and heating powder into a bowl

Rub the spread into the dry fixings

Add the buttermilk

Combine, yet don’t blend excessively

Put the batter between two sheets of preparing paper and smooth. At that point leave to rest for 20 minutes

Roll the batter to the necessary stature – around 2cm is our suggestion

Cut the scones with a cake shaper, and spot onto your preparing plate

Brush with egg wash and prepare for around 12 minutes until brilliant on the top.

Group satisfying exemplary cakes

Choosing which cakes to remember for your evening tea is all important for the good times. Robin says Firmdale keep things customary with the preferences of macarons, Bakewell tart, chocolate tiffin and lemon sprinkle cake. On the off chance that preparing your own cakes is an over the top faff for you, however you need an option that could be more tasteful than a grocery store exertion, treat yourself to a Firmdale Afternoon Tea conveyance, which is available for conveyance to London postcodes.

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