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Helium inflatables are the item that we are gotten some information about most by our clients. In this way, we’ve assembled a helpful guide covering all you require to know: how long inflatables glide for, which sort of inflatables are the awesome use, how much helium is required and bounty more.


As per Winnie-the-Pooh, “It’s not possible for anyone to be uncheered with an inflatable”, and we concur. There is such a lot of you can do with them: from expand curves to swell packs, we need to help answer some every now and again posed inquiries with respect to inflatables and helium and, while we’re here, share some supportive tips and deceives to make your gathering arranging simpler.

The video above exhibits how to utilize our helium canisters. While blowing up, guarantee the inflatable is folded over the spout firmly to prevent any helium from getting away. When swelled bind with a tight bunch or wrap with lace to keep the helium set up.

It is critical to take note of that various inflatables have distinctive buoy times. A latex expand has moderately huge intercellular spaces which permit the helium to escape over the long haul. Latex inflatables can last between four and five hours in their prime, and should be swelled completely. To broaden this time, look at Hi-Float.

Foil  balloons will last impressively longer than latex inflatables as it’s harder for the helium to escape from them.

Confetti balloons can last for less time than foil balloons due to the heaviness of the helium and air combined with the heaviness of the confetti.

For best outcomes in all cases, take a stab at swelling the inflatables as near the occasion as could be expected under the circumstances.


On the off chance that you want the confetti to adhere to the side of the inflatable and for the inflatables to skim, at that point utilizing just helium to fill them won’t work. The confetti will simply accumulate at the lower part of the inflatable. To battle this fill your confetti inflatables with a blend of air and helium. For little confetti inflatables, we suggest a couple of siphons of air and the rest helium. Creating static by scouring the sides of the inflatable can likewise help the confetti stick.


It very well may be precarious to realize when circle inflatables are completely expanded, watch out for the crease: if there are any wrinkles the inflatable requires more helium. Proceed cautiously here, over-swelling them could make them pop! Circle expands likewise require more helium than a standard inflatable. Ensure you purchase the correct size canister for your occasion.



Knowing how much helium you will require is a critical piece of your gathering arranging, there isn’t anything more regrettable than running out of helium trying to enriching. You need to factor in the size of your inflatables, the material and the amount. For instance, a foil number inflatable will require more helium than a standard latex swell.

Our littlest helium canister will top around off to 30 Balloons.

30 9″ Balloons OR

12″ Balloons OR

3 36″ Balloons

Our Large Helium Canister will fill roughly 50 inflatables.

50 9″ Latex Balloons OR

20 12″ Latex Balloons OR

5 36″ Foil Balloons

Our Helium Canister Twin Pack will fill around 60 inflatables.

60 9″ Latex Balloons OR

24 12″ Latex Balloons OR

6 36″ Foil Balloons

Our Helium Canister Triple Pack will fill around 90 inflatables.

90 9″ Latex Balloons OR

36 12″ Latex Balloons OR

9 36″ Foil Balloons

For bigger inflatable establishments please see our Large Helium Canister Twin Pack – Up to 100 Balloons and our Large Helium Canister Triple Pack – Up to 150 Balloons.


Our gas canisters can be disposed of at your neighborhood Household Waste Recycling Centre. Notwithstanding, there are sure advances you should take before your tank can be reused:

You should guarantee that your canister is unfilled prior to reusing. Completely open the valve by turning it left and twist the dark spout to deliver any leftover helium. Hold until you don’t feel any pressing factor or hear any solid from the spout.

Eliminate the dark spout by unscrewing it counter-clockwise

Express “Unfilled” in strong content with an indelible marker on the tank close to the top, so it is unmistakably noticeable

Follow the direction given by your nearby recycler and store your recyclable helium chamber at their office

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